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Thursday, August 8, 2013

I am pretty sure that many of you are sick of working just to survive,pay bills etc..Basically your making somebody else pockets thicker and feel like you deserve more for your hard work.In my state of Florida, I have experienced this feeling of being unappreciated and like i'm expendable in every job i ever worked for. The main type of jobs down here are in call centers,restaurants or Disney..Now I am in no way justifying the fact that I did lose some jobs on my own by quitting or straight up telling a boss to got F&*( themselves. But I honestly felt like the respect level wasn't professional at all in any of the workplaces I ever encountered.

I am an ex-convict so yeah its hard to get a real good paying job to begin with, but I always managed to get hired at a call center regardless of my record. I feel however that the only reason these employers get away with a lot of injustices is because for one there is a "Right To Work" law that gives them the right to hire and fire as they feel without explanation at all.Secondly, most of them take advantage of you psychologically using fear tactics and threats of firing you; some even go as far as verbal abuse. Then when you reach out to local authorities they serve to no affect or avail leaving you jobless and possibly going back to doing illegal shit. At the end of the day, you feel like there ain't nothing left to live for even...

Here's the solution, stop being scared and form a fearless union and make it spread like wild fire..Make people listen to how unfair you have been treated and try to parallel with everyone you come in contact with.Chances are they've gone through the same thing you have.Keep your circle tight and grow in numbers rapidly,it wont be easy but its not impossible so long as you are sincerely passionate towards equality. The best way to start all of this is by networking with more than one small group that have the same aim and goals as you and have a real belief in equal treatment.

We are all tired of Corporate Americas Bullshit and want to raise our families and are willing to work hard to be successful.But at the end of the FUCK CORPORATE SLAVERY

The State Of Union (Stop Modern Day Slavery In Corporate America)

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