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Monday, May 30, 2016

Performed by Diar Lansky featuring Wayne G & Binky Mack. From the album, Kidnapping Mr. Heineken LP. Courtesy of Die4 Productions. Directed & Edited By Big Lyrik Ent. Produced By Anno Domini Nation.

Available on YouTube @ | Also register as an artist in the #SemiMajors @ All Artists, DJs, Producers, Managers & Fans Welcome!

Wasted - Diar Lansky feat. Wayne G & Binky Mack

By: VDotNam Jones on: 9:56:00 AM

Goodlife Media & Mic-Chek Entertainment presents Fresh 2 Def. Featuring some of the hottest artists from Northeast Ohio: Ace Epps, Nu Soul, Ely Nash, A-Minus, DeMarlo DeLatte & L Money Tha Prince in #Kenmore Akron, Ohio at The Rialto Theatre on May 27th.  Music by DJ B-Nyce. Also included "Carte Blanche" from CO7-LYFE Fashion Show & Auction & 1021's own Dray Ten Talents. All Proceeds helped out the Prince To Kings organisation. This event was so good that people came out from Cleveland as well as Detroit and Chicago. Broadcasted by Hip Hop Empire Magazine & EmpireVizion.

Available on YouTube @ | Also register as an artist in the #SemiMajors @ All Artists, DJs, Producers, Managers & Fans Welcome!

Fresh2Def | Memorial Day Weekend

By: VDotNam Jones on: 9:12:00 AM

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Performed by Hellen Cane | Courtesy of Billionaire Bloodline Entertainment. Also Check out Hellen Cane on MTV. For Booking, Contact

Tears of A Clown - Hellen Cane

By: VDotNam Jones on: 9:38:00 PM

Saturday, March 19, 2016

President Obama Talks Technology at SXSW

By: VDotNam Jones on: 7:49:00 AM

Directed by Yo Baby/239Turk

Respect Da Plug - Yo Baby

By: VDotNam Jones on: 4:04:00 AM

Friday, March 18, 2016

Detroit vs Everybody produced by the Olympicks directed by Amid Mosely features legendary emcees Big Herk, Seven the General, Big Gov x Cheddaboy Malik x Awesome Dre x Poppa D & Will Louchi x Bird x Poe Whosaine ….. background vocals Latavia Parker

Follow @SeventheGeneral on IG & Twitter sub to the channel for more content

Big Herk (RockBottom)
Seven the General (OG 7 Mile Dogg)
Big Gov (BMF)
Cheddaboy Malik (Cheddaboys)
Awesome Dre (Detroit Legend)
Poppa D (I'm From the Eastside Aint no Taco Bell)
Will Louchi (Streetlords)
Dirty Bird (Schoolcraft Boy)
Poe Whosaine (Esham Wicked Shit/Juggalo)
Latavia Parker (background vocals)

Detroit VS Everybody 2

By: VDotNam Jones on: 6:30:00 PM

The story revolves around a kid named Brian (played by Anthony "One" Moonie), who spends the summer with his older brother before heading off to college. While Brian seems to be a good kid, he's easily influenced & ends up in situations where he's forced to deal with the six subjects 116 address on the EP.( Authority, Responsibility, Envy, Courage, Temptation & Repentance) *This video doesn't belong to me it belongs to Reach Life Ministries*

Man Up: The Movie

By: VDotNam Jones on: 2:15:00 PM

My Team - Treenie B

By: VDotNam Jones on: 11:39:00 AM

Tear Da Club Up Thugs x Cash Money Clique

By: VDotNam Jones on: 11:35:00 AM

The Block Is Hot - Lil Wayne ft BG & Juvenile

By: VDotNam Jones on: 11:21:00 AM

Gangstas Makes The World Go Round - Westside Connection

By: VDotNam Jones on: 11:02:00 AM

Cash Money Is An Army - B.G.

By: VDotNam Jones on: 10:57:00 AM

Artist compete in the #RepresentChallenge. The rules are: Production music must be custom, no instrumentals allowed; Must be a music video, no music with picture in the background; If you use your smartphone to record the video you must film it sideways. You have to do a song representing your city in one of these formats:

a cypher format like:
Detroit VS Everybody (Click here to view)


a posse anthem like
B**** I'm Louisiana (Click here to view)

There must be 3 artists or more. To submit your #Represent video, upload it to YouTube then send the video link to:

Same Crew - Ray Jr #RepresentChallenge

By: VDotNam Jones on: 9:53:00 AM

B Im From Louisiana - Louisiana Ca$h ft DoubleTrouble & INFO

By: VDotNam Jones on: 9:53:00 AM

Hot Boy - Bankroll Fresh

By: VDotNam Jones on: 9:38:00 AM

Detroit VS Everybody 1

By: VDotNam Jones on: 9:33:00 AM

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